Choose Your Own Basket!  Highlights

Try Everything

A CSA Designed to Let You Have it Your Way!

CSA members enjoy fresh, in season produce; know their food is local; and support local agriculture. People become connected to their food in a way that cannot be experienced at the supermarket, or even at the farmer's market.  

The "I Know What I Like" plan. Go through and check every item you want. Your share will consist of only foods you want in your weekly share.

You can add natural meat, hormone & antibiotic free, localy raised meat to your share


10% Discount on all Other Purchases: 

Need ice, soda, or chips?  Propane & campfire wood, or just some extra peaches?  As a CSA member, you get 10% off. All natural meat excluded from discount.


Choose Your Own Basket! CSA

Choose Your Share Pick-up Day: 

You select the day of the week to pick up your share..... Any day, except Monday.

Only the best produce is put into our CSA boxes! Member satisfaction is the guiding factor of every decision make here at Creekside's 'Choose Your Own Adventure' CSA.  We can’t promise 100% satisfaction, but we will strive to achieve it....every day.          

What if I Can't Pick Up My Share?

We've got you covered......With 24 Hour notice, You Can:

  1. Designate someone else who can pick up for you.
  2. Forego picking it up that week and add a week to the end of the season.
  3. Exchange it for store credit to be used by the end of 2018.
  4. Have it donated to the local food pantry.
  5. An abandoned weekly share is handled at the discretion of management.

More than just a CSA:  We sell flowers, hanging baskets, and vegetable plants; Perry's ice cream, Milkshakes, and Sundaes;  Beer, pop, ice, water, juice; All natural meat & eggs; basic grocery items; Propane filling station & replacement tanks; Giant campfire bundles; Christmas trees/wreaths/gift boxes.

Check out our facebook page for additional updates to see whats going on @ Creekside.​ 


 Size       10 week   16 week  22 week

1/2 share:    $235        $340        $460   Full Share:  $460        $675        $900

Pictures of actual 1/2 shares are at the top of this page.

Grass Fed Beef & Lamb, & Pork is available! ​All Locally raised, hormone and antibiotic free, all natural, USDA Inspected

A truly comprehensive CSA:  Vegetables, fruits, herbs, maple products, honey, eggs, meat, and fall decorations are offered...100% Local!!


​Maximum CSA Enjoyment!......You custom design your choose what is and isn't in your share......Enjoy!

The "I Want to Try Everything" Plan. Go through and see all the different foods you can try.  Variety is the spice of life!

Don't Like

The "I Know What I DON'T Like" Plan.  Check off every item you do NOT want. Your share will exclude foods you do not want

​These Pictures are actual 1/2 share boxes!​