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'Add All-Natural Meat To My Share' Feature: 

This option does not change the cost of the share.  It simply re-allocates the value of the items put into your share each week. 

Basically - this option will allocate ~1/4 of the value of your share into all natural & frozen ground beef, hamburger patties, breakfast sausage, hot Italian sausage links, and/or sweet Italian sausage links.....as with the produce - you get to choose what meat goes into your shares.

The remaining ~3/4 will consist of produce.  

To add this feature to your share - simply complete the 'all natural meat option' on the 'What I Like'. 'What I Don't Like', or the 'Try Everything' selection page. Those are the same  pages where you also select your fruit/vegetable/herbs/fall decorations/honey/maple & eggs.