10 Week "Summer Vacation" Share

These Mini-plans encompass the hottest part of summer, starting the week of July 3rd and conclude the week ending September 4th

$50 Donation 

$100 Gift Option​​​​

16 Week Half Share


$340 ($21.25/week)

  16 Week Full Share

$675 ($42.19/week)

$25 Donation 

Gift Option

Give the gift of fresh produce!!

Tell us what weeks & we'll give them the red carpet treatment! 

Good for a 1/2 share for 2 or 4 weeks OR an 'ala carte' Gift Certificate for $50 or $100

Select a plan based on family size and number of weeks.

A full share is designed for a family of four, a half share is designed for two people.

Donate to Families in Need

We will match your donation with an equal amount of additional food! Every $1.00 donated results in  $2.00 of donated food!  

$10 Donation 

  22 Week Half Share


$460 ($20.91/week)

  22 Week Full Share

$900 ($40.91/week)

$50 Gift Option


$100 Donation 

16 Week Share

These plans start the week of June 26th and conclude on the week ending October 9th.        

Share Plans, Pricing and Options

22 Week Share

These plans start the week ending June 5 and conclude the week ending October 30th. 

10 Week Half Share


$235 ($23.50/week)

  10 Week Full Share

$460 ($46.00/week)