Creekside Market's varieties are selected for outstanding flavor.  We invite you to compare our produce to the offerings in the grocery store and other'll become a convert to our chosen varieties.

Commercial growers and supermarkets often sacrifice flavor in to obtain better yields, longer shelf life, and the toughness required to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles.  Here at Creekside, we only choose varieties with outstanding flavor.  It's a difference you can taste.

$50 & $100 Gift Options

Let a loved one try out the CSA. Have them contact us at their convenience, and we'll give them the red carpet treatment! 

Option A: This is equivalent to a 1/2 share, (2 weeks for $50 or 4 weeks for $100) 

Option B) Simply a $50 or $100 gift certificate to use at their convenience. 

10 Week Share

aka ‘Summer Vacation!’   

These short plans encompass the hottest part of summer. 10 Week shares begin the week starting July 3rd and conclude on the week ending September 10th. 

 Half share is $235 ($23.5/week)     Full Share is $460 ($46/week)        

Choose One of Four Plan Options

Outstanding Flavor - Taste the Difference

20 Week Share

These plans begin the week starting June 12th & conclude the week ending October 29th.  

 Half share is $460 ($20.91/week)         Full Share is $900 ($40.91/week)   

16 Week Share

These plans begin the week starting June 19th and conclude on the week ending October 8th.        

Half Share is $340 ($21.25/week) Full Share is $675 ($42.19/week) 

Select a plan based on family size and number of weeks.

A full share is designed for a family of four or five people,

A half share is designed for two people.